Fortnite Update 5.20 Adds a New Mode and a New Shotgun

Fortnite’s latest update has just gone live and it adds some new content, as well as fixing a lot of bugs. The first bit of new content that has been added to the Battle Royale mode of the game is a new weapon, in the form of a Double-Barrelled Shotgun. It is available in both epic and legendary varieties. The shotgun also deals a ton of damage up close, although that damage falls off rapidly though.

Alongside that, a new limited time mode has been added called Steady Storm. This mode has one single storm that constantly closes in on players. Steady Storm also has no safe circles, meaning that you will need to keep an eye on where the storm is closing in so you don’t get trapped. This mode lasts for 15 minutes before the storm takes over the entire map. The Playground limited time mode is also still live.

Some other notable changes have been introduced to the battle royale mode with this patch. One change is that remote explosives now drop in sets of 3 instead of 4. Also, the maximum stack size for remote explosives is now 6, down four from 10. Jumping with Dual Pistols, Submachine Guns, and Hunting Rifles now reduces accuracy even more. A great quality-of-life change that has been added is that challenges can now be viewed in-game. This allows you to actively track your progress whilst playing, not having to quit out of a game to check your challenge progress.

There is a whole load of bug fixes, which you can view here in the full patch notes. Almost all of them are small bugs that you have probably never noticed.

The Save The World PvE mode of Fortnite has also seen some new content added. Firstly, Weekly Horde Challenge Missions have been added. These missions are specifically crafted challenges that “push players’ skills using a variety of modifiers and wave compositions.” As well as that, three free Birthday llamas can be found in the loot tab. A brand new Mythic Outlander has been added called Ragnarok, The Dark Viking. This class comes with a new ability called Seismic Impact, which pushes enemies away from you.

Outside of the new content, the Save The World mode has seen a whole load of bug fixes as well. Those fixes can be viewed here in the Patch Notes.

That covers the latest patch for Fortnite, which is now live on all platforms.


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