Fortnite Season 6 Gets a Release Date

Season 6 of Fornite is imminent and we now know when it will go live. Fornite Season 6 will go live on September 27, which is next Thursday. The announcement was made via the official Fornite twitter account.

Alongside that, the tweet also revealed that from now until Monday, 8 AM ET, there will be an additional 400% Match XP awarded to players. This allows you to work towards some of those XP challenges and battle pass rewards before Season 5 ends.

It is not known what Season 6 will hold for the game in terms of map changes and rewards. However, yesterday the mysterious purple cube that has been traveling around the map sunk into Loot Lake, dissolving and turning the lake into a giant bounce pad.

Season 6 of Fortnite goes live on September 27.

If you still need to complete some season 5 challenges be sure to check out our guide for week 7, week 8 and week 9‘s challenges.

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