Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice gets Physical Release

Indie Publisher 505 Games reached an agreement with Ninja Theory, developer of Hellblade, to bring a physical release of the game to consoles. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will have an MSRP of $29.99, the same price as the digital download. Hellblade tells the story of a Celtic warrior’s haunting quest to save her dead lover from Viking hell, with allusions to mental health and psychosis throughout the story.

Despite our reviewer finding said allusions shallow and almost gimmicky, used more as a selling point instead of actually getting a solid message out, Hellblade was met with critical acclaim, with a 9/10 on steam and metacritic scores within the 80-90 range, varying slightly by console, and also received five BAFTA awards including “best performer” and “best audio”.

Hellblade will be released on consoles on December 4th, just in time for the holidays, over a year after its original digital release.


  1. Grab says:

    Why bother? Games that have a fugly female as the lead should just fade away, nobody needs to see that.

    • It’s available for those who don’t mind ‘fugly female’ protagonists in gaming. In fact, over two million people found the game interesting enough to buy it digitally, so this move makes the game open to a wider demographic. If you don’t like it, feel free to ignore it. Nobody’s forcing you to buy it. That’s the beauty of an open market, consumers have a choice.

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