Metro Exodus Reveals New Weapons Trailer

Deep Silver and 4A Games highlight the customizable possibilities of your arsenal in the field with this new “Weapons Trailer” for Metro Exodus. Metro Exodus have gone to great lengths to allow players to modify their firearms in the field and to adjust their style of gameplay. With various different tactical attachments, this new overhauled weapons system will feel as fresh as ever to longtime Metro series fans.

Additionally, weapons now must be cleaned and maintained throughout your journey to prevent overheating and jamming, adding another element of depth to the immersive experience. As great as it sounds to have my revolver jam in the middle of a fight with apocalyptic ghouls, I think I’ll pass.

The weapon classes feature four core classes: Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles and Special Weapons. Each with their own benefits in unique situations, players will have the ability to adjust on the fly. Also, tune in to the official Metro Exodus YouTube channel tomorrow for a closer look at the Rifles class, featuring a few of the most iconic weapons that Metro Exodus will have to offer.

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