Halo inspired Splitgate: Arena Warfare Gets Major Improvements

Splitgate: Arena Warfarethe fast-paced multiplayer shooter developed by 1047 games has announced new enhancements leading up to their closed Alpha Test this weekend. Splitgate: Arena Warfare’s new updates feature four revamped maps, major audio and animation upgrades, and added character and gun skin customization which you can see highlighted in the action-packed trailer below.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a spiritual successor from classic arena style warfare shooters, such as Halo, all while introducing a fresh atmosphere with their unique portal mechanics. Constant movement, rotations, and flanking with these portal wrinkles adds a layer of complexity and skill to the genre, rewarding players for taking the initiative and being creative with their own playstyles. Portal shooters give players the ability to scale large portions of the map and open up intense battles, ambush unsuspecting enemies, or pull off some crazy moves and angles to get the advantage. Splitgate has gone through some serious changes leading up to their launch, including an entirely new look and name change from the previous “Wormhole Wars”, and seem to be putting a great deal of effort to satisfy fans of the genre.

For those who are interested in some multi-directional action-packed fun, you’re in luck. 1047 games are hosting their closed Alpha Test this weekend from Jan 26 at 12 p.m. PST through 11:59 p.m. PST on Jan. 27. Players interested in participating in the Closed Alpha test can sign up for consideration here.

The updates will go live prior to the closed alpha testing event and will include the following changes:

  • Reimagined Maps – Helix, Olympus, Outpost and Club Silo maps have been retooled to showcase the vibrant visual and user interface upgrades. The newest map, Club Silo, is a disco night club with long corridors that open to several multilevel atriums begging for swift portal movement and frenzied firefights;
  • Realistic Animation System  Splitgate: Arena Warfare’s animation techniques are designed to directly affect gameplay in several ways. Players can identify weapons according to model size and unique holding position. Character models will now realistically lean into turns, interact with the environment based on intuitive physics and even change direction differently depending on which foot is forward;
  • Precision Sound Identification System  With the help of Los Angeles’ Mad Monkey Audio, 1047 Games has enhanced Splitgate: Arena Warfare’s sound system, taking full advantage of Unreal Engine’s audio system to provide precise location detection for in-game sounds. Players will notice subtle changes to the pitch of specific sounds, differentiating enemy and friendly movement. Audio prioritization intelligently increases or muffles sounds based on importance to the player, such as louder enemy gunshots versus hushed friendly footsteps;
  • Character and Skin Customization – The addition of customizable armor options, colors and weapon skins gives players even more ways to personalize their Splitgate: Arena Warfare experience;
  • Savage Rail Gun  An all new Rail Gun is a devastating weapon for players, harkening back to classic arena shooters. A fully-charged shot can obliterate opponents in one hit;
  • Team SWAT  Players can now compete head-to-head in Team SWAT game mode. Limited to only battle rifles and pistols, players should not expect armor to save them from extreme damage multipliers and headshot kills.


Sick Critic will be giving out a handful of access codes to the Splitgate: Arena Warfare closed Alpha test via our official Twitter, so be sure to stay tuned and enter for a chance to win. See you in the arena.

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