Tangledeep now Available on Nintendo Switch

Launching a year ago today on the Steam store, Impact Gameworks’ roguelike Tangledeep is now on the Nintendo Switch eShop as well. Tangledeep is a roguelike with heavy RPG elements, made as a tribute to SNES-era RPGs. There’s a dozen jobs to try out and over 100 skills between them, and a number of additional features like gameplay modifiers, monster taming, optional mini-dungeons to improve your items in, and daily challenges, among others. Tangledeep also offers 3 modes to play in: “hardcore mode”, a traditional roguelike experience with permadeath; “heroic mode”, which allows you to share some progress and items across runs, and “adventure mode”, which let’s you explore the map in pure-RPG mode without fear of dying.

The developers promise “beautiful pixel art”, much like every other retro-style game developer this side of Forward Instinct, and also a stunning soundtrack featuring composers of games like Secret of ManaGoldeneye 007, and Metal Gear Solid 3; a very promising lineup. The Nintendo Switch version has a number of additional features, such as an updated UI, new monsters, and a whole new area, as well as pro controller support.

Tangledeep currently sits at a very respectable 90% recommended rate on steam, where it’s available for $15 USD. The switch version costs $20, and the release trailer for it can be seen below.

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