Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019 Round-Up

The Nintendo Direct started off with high anticipation from the gaming community and they certainly were surprised! Let’s not hesitate, as there is a lot to go through.


Super Mario Maker 2

Many fans expected a port of the 2015 Wii U game, but they were pleasantly surprised to see a completely new game with much-requested features such as co-op play, slopes, Super Mario 3D World assets and abilities, and a revamped UI. Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to Switch this June.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Trailer

The well-admired Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise is making its way to the Nintendo Switch with an exclusive third entry in the series. The Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Falcon, and Scarlet Witch are some of the new playable characters as they face the ruthless Thanos. No release date has been disclosed but the game is slated for a summer release.



Watch out, Days Gone, BOXBOY is coming for you on April 26. Joking aside, the popular handheld platform puzzler series heads on over to Switch with co-operative play with the addition of BOXBOY’s sister, BOXGIRL. Hosting 270 new levels, BOXBOY!+BOXGIRL! should please fans of the franchise. Completing the game also rewards players with a new campaign.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update

Update 3.0 has been announced, which promises the release of Joker from Persona 5 and a wealth of new, secret features. Joker is planned to release before the end of April.


Additional Content for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Fans of Captain Toad are getting some DLC treatment as well as added co-op for every level of the game. The paid DLC offers five new courses and 18 new challenges. You can purchase the DLC right away or enjoy the co-op play for free today. The DLC launches on March 14th.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Trailer

A new trailer for the spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has been showcased, offering a deeper look into the levels, bosses, gameplay, and story. The game is scheduled for a summer 2019 release.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 Western Release

Dragon Quest Builders 2 finally makes its way to the west on July 12. This Minecraft-clone successor offers a greater variety of creativity and dungeon crawling. Watch the trailer above for more details.


Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age: Definitive Edition

What a mouthful of a title. Dragon Quest XI enters the Switch library with special features hosted by the Definitive Edition, such as the ability to play in retro 16-bit graphics, fully orchestrated soundtrack, and additional story content. Expect this title in the fall of this year.


Disney Tsum Tsum Festival

Your guess is as good as mine. TBA 2019.


Starlink: Battle for Atlas Spring Update

Starlink: Battle for Atlas has more exclusive content heading over to the Nintendo Switch this April. More Star Fox-themed missions are aboard in this update for those still playing this.


Rune Factory 4 and Its Sequel Come to Nintendo Switch

The Rune Factory series heads on over to the Switch, developed by XSEED Games. Rune Factory 4 Special releases sometime in 2019 and its sequel has been announced to be in development.


Onikani Announced

The team who made I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear are making a brand new IP for the Switch. The world and gameplay have been unveiled in the reveal trailer. The game is set to release this summer.


Yoshi’s Crafted World Demo

Fans itching for a new Yoshi game have something to enjoy in preparation for the latest entry in the series with a free demo in the eShop, available now.


Tetris 99

A free-to-play, battle-royale Tetris game has been announced. 99 players, including yourself, compete in a massive Tetris battle. Last player standing wins. That sounds brilliant.


Dead By Daylight Switch Port

The gory online 4-v-1 horror game comes to Nintendo Switch. No, Panic Button is not doing the port this time. The game will arrive this fall.


Deltarune Chapter 1

The unexpected cousin of Undertale comes to Switch on February 28, free of charge. Future chapters will be paid content.


Daemon X Machina Demo

The long-ignored Nintendo exclusive is now getting the spotlight with a free eShop demo. The game is slated for a summer 2019 release.


GRID Autosport Switch Port

The Codemasters published racing sim franchise makes its debut on a Nintendo platform with GRID Autosport coming to the Switch summer 2019.


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Port

The surprise third-party port has been revealed to be Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Acclaimed by critics and fans, this Ninja Theory psychological horror game releases on the Switch this spring.


Third-Party Sizzle Reel Announces a Plethora of Ports

Here are some release dates for you: Mortal Kombat 11 (April 23rd), Unravel Two (March 22nd), Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered (May 21st), Final Fantasy VII (March 26th), Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy (March 20th), Final Fantasy IX (now).


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Deep Dive

Nintendo jumps right into Fire Emblem: Three Houses which showcases the depth and scope of the latest entry in the immensely popular tactical RPG franchise. July 26th is the release date. Enjoy, FE fans!


Platinum Games Announces New IP: Astral Chain

Directed by the game designer of Nier Automata, supervised by Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya, and characters designed by Masakazu Katsura, Astral Chain is developed by Platinum Games. What’s not to love? This sci-fi hack and slash releases on August 30th.


The Surprise Game Is… The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake

The beloved Gameboy classic Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening makes a grand return on the Nintendo Switch with beautiful graphics reminiscent of 3D Dot Heroes on the PlayStation 3. This gem of a game will release on the Switch this year.

So that was Nintendo’s first Direct of 2019? What did you think? Did you love seeing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Yoshi’s Crafted World, a new PlatinumGames title, Super Mario Maker 2, and a remake of a nostalgic gem? Or did you lament the lack of new Smash fighters, more Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3 details, and the return of other beloved franchises? Let us know in the comments below!

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