Borderlands 3 Likely Being Revealed at PAX East

YES! It’s coming! At about noon on Tuesday, the official Gearbox Twitter account posted an image of a freeway exit sign that says “March 28 Boston MA”. Hmmm… March 28 just happens to be the first day of PAX East, and Boston, Massachusetts just happens to be the location of the expo. This mixed with the obvious aesthetics of the Borderlands series has gamers around the world, including myself, jumping up and down for an announcement of the Borderlands 3 release date.


The public’s journey with this game has been one of patience and giddiness. It all started with the announcement at PAX South in early 2015 that Gearbox was going to begin work on the next game in the series. Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO, called it “the big one,” which already had fans chomping at the bit to see what it’s about. PAX East the following year saw Pitchford announcing that “Borderlands 3” wasn’t the official name of the game, but the next Borderlands would definitely be their next game following the release of Battleborn. That brings us all the way to 2017 when a tech demo using Unreal Engine 4 was shown at the Game Developers Conference. While this didn’t reveal anything significant about the game other than the visuals (which just followed the typical Borderlands style), it served mostly as a great way for fans to gauge the progress of it. After roughly two years of little to say about the game, we have this Twitter post saving the day!


Immediately you wonder if this means we’ll be seeing the game this year. This would place the development cycle between five and six years, which is typical for a AAA game. This also would line up with Pitchford’s statements that identified this next game as “the big one” since this is definitely longer than the development process for Borderlands 2 and almost certainly longer than the initial game’s timeline. There’s also the possibility that March 28 doesn’t bring a release date, but rather a teaser trailer ending with “coming soon”. However, I would venture to say that we will see a release no later than the first half of 2020, and I personally see late 2019 as perfect timing for the release of the game considering the development timeline.


Regardless, what we see at PAX East will be electric and long-awaited. I may consider this my new most anticipated game of the year, if that’s when it’s scheduled to come out. Well, unless The Last of Us Part II really is coming out in October… what a year for sequels.


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  1. […] already know (or are fairly confident) are being worked on within the company’s subsidiaries: the next Borderlands game, Grand Theft Auto VI, and NBA2K20. Will all of these games become PlayStation exclusives? These are […]

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