PAX East 2019: Panzer Paladin

The year is… it doesn’t matter much, really, because robots vs. demons is fun no matter what year it is. Panzer Paladin by Tribute Games is a charmingly retro action platformer where you play as a squire, a certified small boy who rises up to fight demon invaders. The squire is small and swift and has a badass whip, but he dies in a single hit to any enemy. What’s a lad like that to do against an army of demons?

The answer, of course, is MECHA. The squire can equip paladin armor, a giant suit of power armor that can take many more hits against the demons than the tiny squire. You do lose the whip, but in return you can steal any of the weapons your enemies use, and turn them against their masters. Killing an enemy and all their friends with their own weapon is cool enough, of course, but it gets better. You can choose to destroy a weapon in return for a powerful spell to heal, destroy enemies, rush across the screen, etc.

Both the paladin armor and the squire give a number of different gameplay options; the squire is fast and a glass canon while the armor is tanky, slower, and has more combat options. The armor can be taken off or put back on throughout the levels, allowing you to switch between them and giving you a number of options for tackling each challenge. While the dev I spoke to told me that they hadn’t confirmed which consoles they’d put the game on yet, their goal is “all of them”. If that’s the case, Panzer Paladin will be releasing for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox, VR, Ouya, Mac, Alexa, and whatever Google’s console is in the Spring of 2020.

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