PAX East 2019: Freedom Finger

Space shooters. They’re some of the earliest forms of video games, and while the genre’s grown and evolved a whole lot since Asteroids and Galaga, there’s always been a simplistic charm to them. No matter what kind of bells and whistles a developer’s thrown on to their space shooter, you’re still flying through space blowing up anything that crosses your path. You don’t need context or story or a reason, you just want to destroy whatever comes into your path.

What better could sum this up then a giant hand flying through space shooting enemies from its raised middle finger with metal playing in the background? Freedom Finger seems to want to exemplify the raw carnage and catharsis of the space shooter by letting players shoot down spaceships, punch them if they get too close, or even grab them and use their weapons. It controls just like you think it would, you fly around shooting straight ahead of you just like any space shooter, but you can also get close to a group or line of enemies and punch a bunch of them out at once. Best of all, you can grab smaller enemies and throw them across the screen, and if you fight a bigger ship, you can grab them and use their weapon until the next time you get hit.

The game is gloriously cartoonish, and has a kick-ass soundtrack to really get you in the mood to trash some aliens. Freedom Finger is releasing later in the year for PC and all consoles.

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