PAX East 2019: Get in the Car, Loser

This is one of those games that’s best described by comparing it to other games. Get in the Car, Loser plays like Death Road to Canada except it has the active time battle system from the SNES Final Fantasy games. It describes itself as a “road trip RPG”, as instead of traveling through the overworld, you ride in a set path in a car. As you approach different destinations, you can decide which path to take, which allows you to take battles to get loot or avoid them if you’re too low on health. Unlike Death Road, though, instead of fighting waves of enemies in an open environment, you’re taken to a more traditional SNES-style battlefield.

That doesn’t mean you have a lot of time to think, though. Get in the Car, Loser borrows the active battle time system, which means all attacks get a cooldown and enemies will attack as soon as it’s up. Your attacks are also on a timer, but it’s more complicated than “attack and wait until you can attack again”. There’s three “screens” of attacks for your party, each one customizable. You put one attack per player per screen, and if you just stay on one screen then you’ll be limited to those three attacks on their own cooldowns. Switching screens, however, lets players use a different attack or ability, on its own cooldown. By switching screens, you can attack rapidly and rack up the damage and out-heal your enemies. Battles also end with cute splash art of the characters who participated in the fight, giving you a little bit of extra incentive to seek out fights.

The system isn’t the only comparison to Final Fantasy, though, because Get in the Car, Loser also features a grand fantasy story about using a stolen sword of legend to seal away an evil demon threatening to make a return. The demo I played didn’t give me too much of a hint about what’s coming up, but that didn’t mean it had nothing to say. There’s plenty of dialogue between the protagonists, including the occasional dialogue option tree to show different facets of the characters. The humor’s a bit specific, I definitely enjoyed it but I’m sure there’s plenty of people who wouldn’t. The soundtrack is very unique, going for a much more “pop” style than you’d see in most RPGs, but it matches the personality of the game very well.

Only PC has been confirmed to be getting a release, but developer Love Conquers All is looking to get it on more than that. Get in the Car, Loser is planning on coming out later in 2019.

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