PAX East 2019: Star Renegades

Some people have that one genre they just keep coming back to. Some people love precision platformers, some love JRPGs, some love souls/borne style games, I like retro-style roguelikes. They’re everywhere, yes, you can’t throw a stone in the steam store without hitting 20 of them, but the genre lets you do so many really cool things that some become absolutely incredible. Star Renegades from massive damage aspires to the latter.

I haven’t touched much on the graphics of most of these games, but the first thing I noticed about Star Renagades was how beautiful the game looked. After I got back from their booth I spent a while scrolling through their twitter just looking at the gifs and screenshots they’d posted. The artists put so much love into the game’s art, and even if they were doing work for the least ambitious game in the world, their work could still carry it. Fortunately, they’re on a team with developers that match their ambitions, and Renegades has big dreams.

You play as a team of heroes in the midst of a rebellion against a force called The Imperium. In standard roguelike fashion, you explore procedurally generated dungeons, this time set in a breathtaking landscape. Massive damage also promises a system that generates new bosses for you to fight, making sure each experience is unique and challenging. The combat also has a unique twist, you can see what your enemies are planning to do to give you the opportunity to interrupt and counter them. Much like Fire Emblem, they also have a camaraderie system where your characters can build relationships and fight better alongside each other.

Star Renegades has been picked up by publisher Raw Fury, and they have plans to release for as many consoles as possible in early 2020. I’m personally planning on picking it up for Switch, I think their beautiful pixel style will fit in well on the console.

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