PAX East 2019 Preview: Aftercharge

If you think this game is Overwatch or an Overwatch clone, you are certainly mistaken. While the aesthetic is quite similar, the gameplay is very different. This is definitely one to keep your eyes on and pick up now if you like team-based play.

As the shooter, its your job to take out all the invisible robots before they destroy all the battery charge stations. Think you have what it takes to take them out when you can’t even see them?

Aftercharge is a team-based 3v3 shooter-ish attack and defend type of game developed and published by Chainsawsome Games. One team plays the invincible shooters, and the other team plays invisible robots. It sounds very odd, but stick with me. If you are playing as the shooters, your job is to protect these battery stations, that give you power to shoot your guns and use your abilities. Playing as the robots, you’re tasked with destroying the battery stations, all while trying not to get killed by the shooters. It’s very important, almost say crucial, to have comms when playing so you can keep your teammates informed of where the shooters might be. You might be asking yourself, “Can I attack the shooters while I’m the robot?” That answer is no, the only damage you can cause is to the battery stations. The game is uniquely balanced and I never felt like I was overpowered, having played both sides while here at PAX. I had a chance to talk to one of the developers and asked him what plans do they have with Aftercharge. He told me that they definitely have plans to keep updating and adding to the game, so long as there’s a want for it. They have a plan to add more characters to both the robots and the shooters, and even hinted at new possible modes of gameplay as well, as the one they debuted is currently the only one available to play.

As the invisible robots, it’s your job to destroy the battery charge stations until all six of them are gone. The less there are, the less places the shooters can charge their weapons.

I had a good time playing the game and can definitely see myself playing it for a decent amount of time, but I feel the extra modes and maybe some new maps would help to keep the game fresh and keep people coming back for more. Until that time, I think Aftercharge has some legs to carry it for a good number of months.

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