Borderlands 3 Release Date Announced

Mayhem is coming! At 9:00 AM EST Wednesday morning, Gearbox and 2K put the highly anticipated Borderlands 3 up for pre-order for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It came along with a new trailer that confirmed September 13, 2019 as the official release date for the game. My question: why did they make us wait for nearly a week after their PAX East showcase to find this out?! It’s been an agonizing week.


The game has had an interesting timeline spanning roughly five years. We’ve been given very little in the way of information since the game was announced to be in development and Gearbox has loved to tease us along the way. Now that we’re finally getting information about what the game will look like in terms of content, things are starting to look even better than I could have hoped. I mean, they’ve got guns with legs. COME ON! Gearbox is responsible for games spanning Half-Life, Duke Nukem, and Halo, but I think this is slated to be one of their best games yet. Randy Pitchford has called this “the big one,” and the trailer shows it. With over one billion guns and four new vault hunters to play as there’s bound to be endless fun with this new title.

However, any PC players will have to limit this fun to the Epic Games Store, at least until April 2020. It won’t come out on other PC stores until then. This is yet another example of a big developer putting their games in the hands of Epic Games. This isn’t surprising considering the large chunk of money the publisher is offering to developers that Steam and Valve are not.

Yell out in the comments to show us how excited you are for the new installment of Borderlands. My anticipation cannot be understated!

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