Death Stranding Trailer Teased by Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima never ceases to surprise us. Quite possibly the King of Tease, Kojima once again took to Twitter early Tuesday morning to stimulate our imaginations with a teaser for a new Death Stranding trailer. The post consisted of a simple picture of an Adobe Premiere project open on two monitors, the Death Stranding title displayed on one and the video’s timeline on the other.



I have plenty of experience with Premiere as a video editing tool, but the actual timeline interested me less than the context for the trailer. Where are we going to see this trailer? Could we be nearing the end of the development cycle? What new information will come with this trailer? These are the burning questions that I think go beyond simply what will be in the trailer.


Let’s start with the easiest of these questions. The last time we heard about the development of the game, Kojima stated that the game was unfortunately behind its release schedule. In addition, we know that the game was in a playable alpha back in 2017 according to statements by Sony Interactive Entertainment America president Shawn Layden in June of that year. We also know that Kojima Productions and Soy like to make their games something special, regardless of how long the game will take to produce. With all that being said, I would go as far as to say that the development is coming to a close soon, and we may see the release of the game as soon as November or December of this year. With nearly two years passing since the game was in alpha, all the glimpses of the game we’ve seen, and the list of Sony executives who have played the game, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to think that the game could be coming along at a faster pace than many may think. However, if I were to make a legitimate guess, I would say summer 2020 would make sense in a development timeline. Either way, all of the time between now and the release of the game will be spent polishing up the game and getting all of the little kinks worked out.



Now, where will we see this trailer? The answer here is pretty obvious: Sony’s replacement for E3 2019. The company claims to want to experiment with new ways of announcing their games and hardware, but I have little doubt in my mind that this will still land around the time of E3 2019. This is when everyone is paying attention and when media coverage will be at its peak, so be paying attention in June, and be on the lookout for this trailer.

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