My Lovely Daughter Receives Switch Port

A little over a year ago, My Lovely Daughter was released for PC. It tells the tale of an alchemist who lost his only daughter, and goes to extreme lengths to get her back, specifically animating homonculi made of materials like wood, mud, and iron, making them emotionally attacked to him, and then killing them to take their essence. It’s quite the trip, and one we enjoyed a fair amount here at Sick Critic. Publishers Toge Productions are porting the game to the Nintendo Switch later in the month.

It doesn’t seem that the Switch port will have any new features, but if you missed the game the first time around and the dark themes and hand-drawn art style interest you, it’s probably worth picking up. It releases on the 24th, but is available for pre-order now with a 33% discount. If your Switch library is in want of a simulation-style game full of the secrets of a grieving father’s past, give My Lovely Daughter a look.

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