Telltale Games Catalog Leaving GOG Next Week

The abrupt shuttering of Telltale Games has left their sweeping catalog of graphic adventure games in limbo, now affecting the digital storefront All twelve Telltale games, ranging from entries in the Sam & Max franchise to their Batman and Borderlands tie-ins, are set to leave the platform next Monday. This follows the delisting of Tales from the Borderlands from Steam, along with several seasons of The Walking Dead from Steam and GOG alike. Purchased Telltale titles will remain in players’ respective GOG libraries, but will otherwise be absent from the platform. At the moment there is no discount listed for any of the titles, but they will all remain purchasable until 6 am EST on May 27.

Though the future of many Telltale titles is currently unknown, a spokesperson for 2K Games has recently claimed the company is working to get Tales of the Borderlands “back up on digital storefronts as soon as possible”. Physical editions of many Telltale games do remain available, though Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People and entries in the Sam & Max series are near impossible to find in this format. It is a deeply unfortunate end to Telltale Games’ run of forward-thinking adventure games, whose attention to narratives and player choice has influenced a whole league of graphic adventures in their wake.

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