Wolfenstein: Youngblood-E3 2019

Bethesda was kind enough to give us a new look at the next entry in the Wolfenstein franchise, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which focuses on protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz’s two daughters, Jess and Soph trying to find him after his disappearance. The presenter teased more weapons, more ways to customize your playstyle, and even more nazi bastards to kill. This is the first co-op game of the franchise, while you can play as one, you can have a friend to hop in as your sister to kill nazis alongside you.

Youngblood takes you to Paris, which in this alternate history is a nazi stronghold. The trailer shows both badass young ladies gunning down nazis in power armor, shooting massive guns, dual wielding, and knifing their enemies to death in search of their father. They take down waves of soldiers, mechs, and high-ranking officials in full- or split-screen. This seems to be the most customizable Wolfenstein game to date.

They also touched on Cyberpilot, a VR game where you play as a French hacker who takes control of Nazi mechs, turning them against their masters, and gave it a release date of this July. Youngblood will be available later this summer for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.


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