Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories Announced for Western Release

The Disaster Report franchise has a history of spinning surviving natural disasters in Japan into some of the strangest game experiences possible. Despite only operating on the fringes of Western presence, the franchise’s latest entry Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories will soon be given its largest rollout yet, arriving on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch in early 2020 for the US and EU. The game has had a long journey to release, originally intended for 2011 but cancelled in light of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, and started again from scratch in 2015.  The game was ultimately released in Japan at the tail end of 2018, but showed no prospect of a wider release overseas given Disaster Report 3‘s lack of localization prior.

As a result, it’s incredibly exciting to see the latest title in the franchise localized and announced for more consoles than ever before, with Disaster Report and Raw Danger previously releasing only on PS2. Raw Danger (also known as Disaster Report 2) previously received a glowing retrospective on the site, and Disaster Report 4 looks like it’ll preserve the distinct characteristics of previous entries. Beyond being early to the survival gameplay trend, the Disaster Report games carry an organic tension as natural disaster setpieces orbit around the player’s exploration, the same freeform design carrying over to dialogue and morality choices affecting the rest of the game. Disaster Report 4 looks to be a slightly more restrained experience than Raw Danger, but looks can be deceiving, and players can still expect a title incomparable to any game outside of the franchise. A cinematic trailer has been released accompanying the announcement of its Western release, stoking our hype for an experience like no other.

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