Haven Gameplay Trailer Revealed

French indie developer The Game Bakers’ upcoming Haven had only a cryptic teaser trailer to its name earlier this year, but has just now been accompanied by a fairly extensive gameplay trailer whose details are cause for intrigue. Inheriting the unique painterly aesthetic of their previous release Furi, Haven appears to be a more meditative experience than its predecessor with part-pastel, part-pastoral environments that sweep in awe-inspiring fashion. Available in single player or co-op, you control lovers Yu and Kay as they navigate a surreal, alien landscape. The trailer offers insight into our characters’ relationship that will likely be a focal point of narrative and gameplay alike, as well as some of the mechanics that look to be the foundation of the game.

List of gameplay, narrative, and control scheme influences for Haven

Courtesy of The Game Bakers

As you float across your environment in a manner recalling Gravity Rush mixed with Flower, you and your partner will farm for resources and take to the sky to solve the mysteries of your environment. Elsewhere, the game appears to take the form of a faster paced JRPG, emphasizing collaborative attacks that can be chained between respective characters with a methodic rhythm. With Persona 4 and Phantasy Star as cited influences, combat promises to be as intricate as it is distinct. The core character dynamic will also be molded by the players through dialogue choices with greater implications for the subsequent narrative.

Though Haven has been marketed as a relaxed experience, that doesn’t appear to be conflated with a shallow one. The story, visual design, and gameplay all look to be the product of care and inspiration, as well as great ambition. Haven has been pegged for a 2020 release on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch and looks to be the product of a promising company firing on all creative cylinders. With a laundry list of coveted influences, Haven still looks to stand out and will no doubt be anticipated for the rest of 2019.

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