Here’s Our First Look at Blair Witch Gameplay

Blair Witch is the upcoming game developed by Lionsgate Games and Bloober Team, a polish developer known for titles such as Layers of Fear and Observer. Revealed at E3 2019, Blair Witch is a survival horror game based on the popular film franchise of the same name. Set in 1996, the game follows ex-police officer Ellis as he aids the search for a missing 9-year old boy by the name of Peter. Just like the films, the game is set in the Black Hills Forest, Maryland.

In the new trailer we see how players will be able to interact with Ellis’ dog; Bullet. Players use a radial menu to command Bullet, with one command being the option to ‘seek’. We also see that Bullet can dig things up at certain spots on the ground. The trailer gives us a better taste of which environments Ellis will find himself in, with what seems to be a rather large emphasis on dilapidated shacks.

Blair Witch games have been attempted before, after the films huge success in 1999 now-defunct publisher Gathering of Developers, released 3 Blair Witch games in late 2000 all within weeks of each other. Each game was developed by a different studio, with the first one being relatively well-received. Unfortunately, the other two titles received more of a mixed reception with the main criticism being that they were rushed to completion.

With Blair Witch dropping in late August it seems that Bloober Team is playing its cards close to its chest just like with its other titles. This isn’t surprising considering the game is very story-driven and relies on a fear of the unknown.

Blair Witch is coming out on August 30th for Xbox One and PC. Will you be picking this one up on release? Let us know down in the comments!

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