Nintendo Direct on Smash Ultimate’s “Hero” Coming Tomorrow

[Update} Check out our rundown of the Nintendo Direct here.

The newest fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming soon, and Nintendo’s treating us to a look at his moveset tomorrow. Revealed in a tweet from Nintendo of Europe, the direct will be hosted by Sakurai and go live at 15:00 CEST (9 AM EST, 6 AM PST, and 2 PM GMT). As revealed in Nintendo’s E3 conference earlier in the summer, the new character is “Hero”, representative of various protagonists in the Dragon Quest franchise. Similar to Pokemon Trainer, they will have a number of costumes from their various iterations in their home franchise.

From what we already know, we can make some guesses as to Hero’s moveset. Like a wide array of other smashers, they have a sword and shield, so we can pull from the likes of the various Links, Pit, Mii Swordfighter, and the army of Fire Emblem characters to have joined Ultimate. Their A-based attacks will probably be similar to those already in the game, various jabs and slashes, as well as possibly a shield bash. Side-B could easily be a lunge, and down-B could either be blocking with the shield or a counter-attack like Marth and Lucina. Since Dragon Quest is a fantasy JRPG, however, the use of magic could factor in, giving their attacks much more flavor. The final smash is anyone’s guess, but I’d love to see something similar to Mega Man’s, where other characters from the franchise briefly join the brawl to do massive damage to an opponent.

The direct will also announce Hero’s release date, which I’d bet will come next month. The previous DLC fighters have been Piranha Plant and Joker, and as announced during E3, Banjo and Kazooie will team up to take the next slot. This means there are two more fighters waiting to be announced, and it’s anyone’s guess who they could be. With Fire Emblem: Three Houses having been released on Friday and topping sales charts, we could get a character from there, however I think it’s unlikely that another Fire Emblem character makes it in considering how many there are already. If you have any predictions for Hero’s moveset, release date, or future DLC fighters, let us know in the comments below!

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