Concrete Genie Release Date Announced

Pixelopus’s Concrete Genie has been gradually amassing hype over the past two years and it has finally been given the release date we have all been pining for. Arriving on October 8th, 2019, it is exclusive to PS4 and launching at the modest retail price of $29.99. The developer’s admission that Concrete Genie is heavily influenced by Jet Set Radio was enough of a selling point to me, but the ongoing release of footage has only made the game look more and more promising. An action-adventure platformer that volleys you across rooftops, battling the “Darkness” personified, Concrete Genie looks like an ethereal rendition of an Infamous game unfolding at an even faster pace.

As the insular teen Ash, you will wield the power of “Living Paint” to restore the town of Denska, polluted by a town engulfing oil spill. The player will pain distinctily radiant murals to revitalize Denska, adhering to the gorgeous pastel color palette afforded by the game, but open to the player’s creative freedom in overall composition. This artisanal touch looks to be a major step forward from even the sticker system in Little Big Planet. This will no doubt be further enhanced by the (optional) assistance of Playstation VR which as the game progresses, will allow you to use your Move controllers to paint freely.

Beyond my interest in any game with this many on-screen particle effects at once, Concrete Genie looks like a heartfelt, carefully crafted platformer that will casually innovate and consistently entertain. A digital deluxe edition of the game will be launching alongside the standard release, coming with a digital soundtrack, art book, additional design pack (for use in your paintings), and a lighthouse dynamic theme, for the price of $39.99. Any pre-ordered edition of the game will come with a Denska dynamic theme and a set of character and landscape avatars. It is no wonder that Concrete Genie has been rolled out with full confidence by Sony. Its incoming release date and reasonable price should only continue to heighten excitement.

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