Gamescom: Inside Xbox Round-Up 08/19

Xbox kicks off its Gamescom 2019 with an Inside Xbox live conference, showing off some new footage for upcoming titles. Over the 40 minutes the stream ran for, a ton of new games were announced for Xbox Game Pass, and we also got a closer look at a few anticipated titles.

Microsoft opened with a brand new trailer for Bloober Team’s Blair Witch, the brand new footage for the fast-approaching horror title tells us a little more about the story and shows off some new locations. Notably, we get to see main character Ellis wielding a gun, confirming the game will possibly have some form of combat. Blair Witch comes to Xbox One and PC on August 30th.

If you’re unsure about picking up Blair Witch, don’t worry because it’s coming to Game Pass. Coming to Game Pass TODAY is Capcom’s stylish character-action game Devil May Cry V, acclaimed grand-strategy title Stellaris, and for Game Pass on PC the seminal Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. That’s not all, in the near future we’ll also be getting A Bard’s Tale IV, Kingdom Come Deliverance and Ape Out.

Next up we got a closer look at NBA 2K20, the new career mode trailer gives us a look at Idris Elba being the shouty-man we know and love. The newest entry in the annual basketball series comes on September 6th. This year’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s multiplayer dubbed “Ghost War” is shown off in some new footage, it will feature 4v4 PVP and will include 6 maps to play on. More can be seen in the new trailer for Ubisoft’s latest title in its 3rd person-shooter franchise. This one’s coming on October 5th. Unsurprisingly, Borderlands 3 got some dedicated time, and an interview with Gearbox Software’s Randy Varnell brought some new tidbits. Most notably, Borderlands 3’s story will include angry live streamers as villains, as well as war between massive corporations. Borderlands 3 comes on September 13th.

Footage from Borderlands 3 shows character fighting giant dinosaur like creature

We also got new information regarding PUBG Season 4, with the introduction of cross-platform play coming. GreedFall’s latest trailer which reveals the inclusion of same-sex relationships was briefly discussed, The Surge 2’s souls-like multiplayer mechanics and a plethora of weapons to choose from made an appearance too. Metro Exodus players will be pleased to hear that the latest DLC – The Two Colonels launches tomorrow.

Ending off with a bang, Microsoft introduced us to Gears of War 5’s horde mode. Horde mode will allow 5 players to take part and pits you and your squad against an onslaught of enemies to shred through. Not only that, the Gears of War 5 development team The Coalition took the spot-light to discuss the return of the beloved series.

You can check all of the interviews and new footage we got from the conference up above. Stay tuned to see more news about Gamescom, and let us know what games you’re most excited about down in the comments.


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