Sony Interactive Entertainment Acquires Insomniac Games

[UPDATE] Further information has emerged concerning Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac Games. All of Insomniac’s owned non-Sony exclusive IP, which include Sunset Overdrive, Fuse, Song of the Deep, Edge of Nowhere, and Stormlands, have also been included in the acquisition deal. Sony Worldwide Studios head Shawn Layden provided additional information on the reasoning behind the acquisition as well, stating that the publisher mused on buying the developer for a “long time.” Insomniac Games, like the rest of Sony’s first-party studios, have complete autonomy over management for their future projects, both old and new IP. Layden has explicitly singled out Ratchet and Clank as a franchise that is vital to Sony, much like Marvel’s Spider-Man. Sony opted for acquiring Insomniac thanks in large part to their strengths in storytelling and narrative, which suits Sony’s agenda.

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Legendary developer Insomniac Games, the studio behind the games Marvel’s Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance,and Spyro The Dragon, finally joins Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. This marks the 14th developer owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, among the likes of Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch Productions, and Sony Santa Monica Studio. This acquisition was announced abruptly during Gamescom via Twitter. According to Sony’s official press release, this decision “enhances the creative force within SIE WWS and formally adds a studio to the PlayStation family that continues to raise the bar on open world, story-driven games.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man saw historic success as a PlayStation exclusive, becoming the fastest selling exclusive of all time, reaching 3.3 million copies within three days since launch. Today, Marvel’s Spider-Man sold over  13.2 million copies as of July 26th, 2019. Insomniac shares a long history with Sony, launching their first triple-A game on the original PlayStation with Disruptor in 1996. Insomniac went on to create more critically-acclaimed and commercial hits for PlayStation. From the original Spyro trilogy, to the Ratchet and Clank franchise, to the Resistance trilogy, and to the most recent Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac has consistently churned out beloved franchises exclusively on PlayStation.

The status of Sunset Overdrive’s future is undetermined as Microsoft still owns the IP. However, Insomniac can acquire the IP from Microsoft and produce a sequel on PlayStation. This acquisition comes as no surprise as Insomniac has been an iconic figure with the PlayStation brand. Though, this is still a significant purchase on Sony’s part and paints an even brighter future for both Insomniac Games and Sony’s first-party output.

What do you think of this surprise acquisition? Did you want Insomniac to remain independent or do you think this was a smart move by Sony? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!


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  1. […] of a tsunami. There’s also the likelihood of new faces under the Worldwide Studios brand. Sony definitely isn’t afraid of making giant strides in first-party expansion, so who will be acquired and what game do they have cooking in the oven? […]

  2. […] Microsoft owns more studios than their rival Sony Interactive Entertainment, who recently acquired Insomniac Games as their 14th subsidiary for their Worldwide Studios […]

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