The Surge 2 Gets a Fast-Paced Combat Trailer

We’ve seen plenty of The Surge 2 over the past few months, but with Deck13’s sci-fi souls-like fast approaching, here’s another look at its fast-moving gameplay.

The new footage treats us to a rather bombastic montage of dismemberment and futuristic cityscapes. Plenty of boss fights are on display, briefly giving us a look at all kinds of robotic hybrids such as H.A.R.O.L.D and Little Johnny. The Surge 2 won’t only pit players against big hunks of metal though, there are plenty of humanoid enemies to sink various plasma chainsaws and spears into as well.

As you can see, The Surge 2 will have players exploring a variety of environments, from neon skyscrapers to underground caves and construction sites: the junkyard aesthetic of the first game still makes an appearance. It looks like The Surge 2 hopes to set itself apart from other “souls-like” titles, doubling down on the more unique look and setting that the first game is praised for.

In 2014 developer Deck13 also made Lords of the Fallen, another title hoping to cash in on the massive success of the seminal Dark Souls. Unfortunately, Lords of the Fallen fell a little flat. It was mainly criticized for being uninspired with its bleak fantasy setting failing to help it stand out from its peers. Then in 2017 came The Surge. This time Deck13’s attempts to make a solid Action game paid off a little more, with The Surge managing to stand out more in a sea of Souls inspired mimicry. Now it looks like Deck13 has doubled down on over the top weapons and armor with The Surge 2, hopefully serving to give it more of its own identity.

The Surge 2 is coming on September 24 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. How do you think it’s looking so far? Let us know down in the comments!

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