Wreckfest Receives Huge Free Update for PC

Accompanying the release of Wreckfest‘s feverishly anticipated PS4 and Xbox One ports, a major free update for the PC version has been unveiled, with new tracks and vehicles that will no doubt rev up the game’s longevity. Players will receive four new tracks and a new derby arena, comprised of Clayridge Circuit, Deathloop (albeit sans a Bethesda tie), Northfolk Ring, and the Dirt Devil speedway and derby arena. With instantly memorable footage of Deathloop shown prior, we have reason to hope that the accompanying tracks make a similar impression. This brings Wreckfest to almost 70 circuits in full, or in other words, a damn near never-ending circuit of vehicular carnage.

There have also been five new vehicles introduced to the fold, adding the Stretch Limousine, Couch Car, Motorhome, Big Rig, and Venom to the roster. The last of those is reserved as a career reward, and will no doubt be the cherry on top of a dirt cake covered in unbridled destruction. New career events and challenges will be added tandem with the new tracks and vehicles, alongside improved competitor AI (deployed “to make your life so much more miserable” in their words) and supplementary improvements to overall gameplay balance. Core game improvements range from presentation (new paint jobs and more detailed environments), to work done under the interior (the removal of clipping between cars and a streamlined server browser). There is even an optional minimap added to the game and animated balloons!

It has also been confirmed that optimization improvements have been implemented and an innumerable amount of bugs resolved. Wreckfest’s relatively smooth launch has continued to be refined extensively, a commendable alternative to the “games as a service” launch patterns that try to justify half-baked products at our expense. Wreckfest has elevated Bugbear Entertainment’s unique approach to vehicular combat to new heights and continues to enhance it day-by-day.  Now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $39.99, there will no doubt be more fans in hot pursuit of it.

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