September Nintendo Direct Incoming Tomorrow

Time to mark your calendars and cancel your plans, because Nintendo just announced that a new Nintendo Direct is incoming tomorrow!

The Direct will go live on September 4th at 3 pm PT, 6 pm ET and 10 pm GMT. The presentation will be roughly 40 minutes long and will primarily focus on Pokemon Sword & Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3. 

Need somewhere to watch the Direct as it goes live? We got you covered with a link here:


While it’s exciting to get some new info on Pokemon and Luigi’s Mansion, the real reason we all tune into a Nintendo Direct is to feast our eyes on some juicy new offerings from Nintendo and community expectations are running rampant.

Several people are speculating that we might get an update on the Switch’s online offerings, especially when it comes to retro games. The service launched this time last year with a smattering of NES titles, but many (myself included) are keeping their fingers crossed for some SNES games to grace the catalog. Now is the perfect time to add these games and who doesn’t want to play Super Mario World on Switch?

It’ll also be interesting to see if we get any new Smash Brothers information during this Direct, especially after a recent deluge of potential leaks. Just a few days ago, promotional pictures for Japanese convenience stores surfaced online that suggest Banjo could join the Smash family sometime before the 15th of September. Plenty of other leaks are also pointing to an SNK representative joining the roster, and the prominent leaker Vergeben is hinting that Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury will likely be the 4th DLC Smash fighter. Of course, all of this is just conjecture so far, but it’ll be fun to see how much truth there is in these rumors.


Banjo in Smash Bros leak

Banjo featured in internal Japanese promo pictures with instructions to ‘remove posters after September 15th’

It’s worth mentioning that although almost anything can happen during a Nintendo Direct, it’s important to keep expectations in check. Regardless of what’s announced tomorrow, Nintendo are set to absolutely kill it in September with games like Link’s Awakening, Ori and the Blind Forest and Untitled Goose Game all heading to Switch later this month.

What’s number one on your Nintendo Direct wish-list? Let us know in the comments.

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