Do Yoga, Kill Monsters in Ring Fit Adventure on Switch

Last week Nintendo shared a pretty bizarre teaser trailer showing happy families getting physical with a mysterious ring-shaped peripheral. Today they drew back the curtain and officially announced Ring Fit Adventure, a new fitness game heading to the Nintendo Switch.

You can watch Nintendo’s full overview video here:


It wouldn’t be a Nintendo fitness game without some fun peripherals, and this game has two! First up is the Ring Con, a flexible ring that measures your physical force as you pull and stretch it. The Leg Strap is the second piece of equipment and this is a more straightforward controller holder you attach to your thighs, this measures the movements of your lower body similar to a pedometer. Every in-game action is governed by your physical prowess so get ready to use this equipment to not as a controller but as a means to get fitter.

Ring Con and Leg Strap

The Leg Strap and the Ring Con

Once you’re kitted up, you can dive in and play Ring Fit Adventure and the game itself looks like a jolly blend of Wii Fit and classic RPGs. Set in a chaotic world ruled by a ‘body building dragon’, you set out to restore order across a sizable campaign. You’ll jog on the spot to explore the world to do a series of exercises and yoga poses to fight monsters in ‘Fit Battles’. In addition to the main adventure mode, the game offers a handful of bite-sized mini-games that offer quick bursts of exercise, or if you want something a bit calmer, you can do traditional yoga style sets at your own pace.

Ring Fit Adventure Gameplay


The game will be released on October 18th this year and you can buy a package that includes the Ring Con, the Leg Strap and a copy of Ring Fit Adventure. There’s no price attached to this bundle just yet though, and pre-orders aren’t available at the time of writing, but if you want to pick this game up, keep your eyes on their store page.

While this fitness package is admirably comprehensive, it’ll be interesting to see how well it sells compared to the global phenomenon that was Wii Fit. We’re not sure if this will set the world on fire, but it’s always cool to see Nintendo trying out quirky ways to make fitness fun.

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