Early Access Launch Trailer for Session Has Released

It’s been a vacant few years for skateboarding games in the aftermath of the implosion of the Tony Hawk franchise, and EA’s radio silence on the trajectory for Skate, but after gradual anticipation behind it, Crea-ture Studios’ Session is finally in early access on Steam. The game strives to be a fairly intricate skateboarding simulator, with a complex bipedal control scheme (a joystick controls each foot) that will no doubt polarize, but prove highly rewarding to those who stick with it. Given the learning curve that accompanies actual skating, the need to fail upwards during your in-game training is a perfect match for the subject.

Controls are customizable, though they require a plug-in controller in the event that you are enough of a sadomasochist to try to put your keyboard on the line instead. Environments appear to hue closer to the realism of Skate than the general absurdity of Pro Skater but do allow you to change your surroundings to create your own stunt opportunities. The urban environments (reportedly recreated on a 1:1 scale) possess an openness that makes experimentation the core of the game, be it your own tricks or map designs. We have already seen faithful recreations of Brooklyn landmarks in-game and only hope that the geographical scope will continue to broaden out. The early access also comes bearing a video editor, an ever integral aspect of skating games and skating game communities alike.

Early access is available on PC now, with the Xbox Game Preview expected in October. Further Kickstarter promises and general updates should be fulfilled in the near future and a positive reception has already stewed amongst the Steam community, making Session, not just an appreciated Kickstarter success story, but a budding rejuvenation of the skateboard simulator.  No longer shackled to cults-of-personality or gaudy peripherals, Session should serve as a much-needed course correction!

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