PlayStation Now Price Drops to $9.99/Month

After the sad, public announcement that PlayStation chairman Sean Layden would be leaving the company, PlayStation gave us some light by announcing the new $9.99/month subscription cost for PlayStation Now.


PlayStation Now came around in North America in 2014 and hit Europe and Japan by late 2015. Originally, the service allowed PS3 games to be streamed to PS4 consoles, almost like a form of cloud-based backward compatibility. It has now become a way for PS4 owners to get access to a list of different games at no additional cost that is added to regularly.


Previously, the service cost twice as much every month. It also now costs $24.99 for a quarterly subscription (down from $44.99) and $59.99 for a yearly subscription (down from $99.99). These price drops are significant and will no doubt draw extra traffic to the service.



The most recent additions to the service are now God of War (2018), inFAMOUS: Second Son, Grand Theft Auto V, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, all of which will be removed from the service on January 2, 2020.


Over the past few years, gaming companies have done everything in their power to prioritize subscription-based services across games and platforms for the sake of establishing a steady flow of revenue. This ranges from Xbox Live to Google Stadia to Battle Passes. It has proven to be a successful way to reach consumers and offer extra content for extra money.


Recently, though, these services have all started to blend together. Who’s to say what the real difference will be between Project xCloud, PS Now, and Google Stadia? Will the ultimate deciding factor for consumers prove to be how much each one costs? It’s entirely possible that PlayStation sees this and is trying to get ahead of the game. After all, of those three services, PS Now is the only one currently out. Right now, PlayStation Can get a hold on the market if they can match Xbox Game Pass prices, and they very well could be trying to keep a competitive edge in preparation for some new competition.


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