A Quick Guide to Playing Crypto in Apex Legends

So how do you play Crypto in Apex Legends and not completely suck? This new character brings with him unique abilities that are going to shake up the battle royale in new ways. Before you start jumping into some matches, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First off, let’s start with his abilities in this quick guide to playing Crypto in Apex Legends


Crypto’s Abilities

Crypto’s passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities are all surveillance-favoring. This means that they help you get the drop on where your enemy is positioned. 

Crypto on the character selection screen

  • Surveillance Drone: When you activate Crypto’s tactical ability, Surveillance Drone, he’ll toss a drone in the air, which you can then manually use to fly around the nearby environment in search of opponents. The drawback to this ability is that you can’t move Crypto around while the drone is deployed. You’ll be stuck wherever you were when you activated the ability. You’ll end up either having to pick a really good hiding place or have your teammates cover your blind spots.


  • Neurolink: Crypto’s passive ability is only activated when Surveillance Drone has just been deployed. Teammates of Crypto will be able to see what the drone marks up to 30 meters. This makes sure that teammates are in the know unless Crypto’s drone goes past those 30 meters. 


  • Drone EMP: Unlike other character’s abilities, Drone EMP requires that Crypto be using Surveillance Drone before he can use his ultimate. The key is to sneak up on as big a group of opponents as you can (in drone mode) and set off the EMP when it’s fully charged. It will do 50 shield damage, destroy traps, and even slow them down a little in a wide radius. As a bonus, if you have your teammates nearby, you can get them to sneak up after you find the group and have them charge in after the Drone EMP goes off and stuns everyone.


Positioning and Teamplay


Crypto does his work the best when paired up with teammates who cooperate and look out for him; cover his back. On the other hand, you could end up getting picked off if your teammates don’t care and decide this is a single-player game. You’ll likely run into this if you only play with random people. 

In the latest match I played, our team won first place because my teammates held back and used me to their advantage. I would survey the area while they looted and bring my drone back if I didn’t find or see anything. If I did run into some enemies, I warned them and marked the area. I would let them start on their way towards the group of enemies and then launch my drone and catch up, shocking all our opponents. 

Crypto's Surveillance Drone

Surveillance Drone is also a great way to survey an area for rare items and guns. It has really good travel speed and can be recalled pretty quickly. It can be destroyed, so watch out for that as it’ll extend the respawn time for the drone. One other tip I would recommend is to have the drone check up on Crypto often. You don’t want any enemies sneaking up on you when you’re immobile. It’ll take about a second to recall your drone, so you have to be prepared and know your surroundings at all times.

Play cautiously with Crypto and hang back if there’s danger nearby. Don’t be afraid to use your drone, but also don’t pull it out while you’re in combat. And remember to keep an eye on your ultimate’s charge level so you have it ready when you do stumble into a group of enemies, especially towards the end. 

Apex Champion


What do you think of Apex Legends’ Crypto? Have you had the chance to try him out or fight against him? Let us know in the comments and keep it tuned to Sick Critic.


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