PlayStation Hires Veronica Rogers as Head of Business Operations

The corporate restructuring continues at PlayStation as the company hires former Microsoft executive Veronica Rogers. Rogers’ new title is senior vice president of business operations. While that role sounds very generic, Rogers will be in charge of PlayStation Network services such as PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Her leadership also concerns physical and digital sales through retailers and online storefronts like PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now recently underwent a major price reduction and renewed strategy that temporarily adds high-profile games every month to the service. PlayStation Now’s subscription numbers have increased by 30% in response. Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus has reached 38.8 million subscribers, according to Sony’s 2020 CES press briefing. Veronica Rogers will oversee the most profitable assets of PlayStation during the dawn of next-generation platforms. As a result of her importance, she will report directly to Sony Interactive Entertainment  (SIE)President Jim Ryan.

It is unlikely that fans will see Veronica Rogers during a stage presentation, most of Rogers’ decisions will be seen through changes in PlayStation’s services and business strategies. Rogers’ office would seek to further globalize SIE into a more unified business, which could eliminate the purpose of having regional divisions in the company. While she just started her work in PlayStation, we can expect her name to emerge in future stories due to the immense responsibilities entailed in this position.

What do you think of this hire? Is having a non-gaming executive jump into the gaming industry strange, or do you think she’ll offer a new perspective? Let’s talk about it in the comments below, and stay tuned for more news updates from Sick Critic!

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