Support Australian Fire Relief with Humble Bundle

Global climate change has lead to worse wildfires than ever as of late, the most recent of which being a bush fire that covered the entire continent of Australia coast to coast. As ever when a natural disaster happens, though, people are quick to group together and support humanitarian aid projects to support the land, people, and animals that have been affected. Today, Humble Bundle announced the Australian Wildfire Relief bundle, a massive collection of games that have been made free by their publishers so 100% of proceeds will go to charity. The minimum donation for the collection is $25, for which you will receive:

Hollow Knight

Void Bastards


Euro Truck Simulator 2

Duck Game

Hand of Fate 2



The Adventure Pals

Regular Human Basketball

Satellite Reign


Mr. Shifty

Primal Carnage: Extinction

Assault Android Cactus +

The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

FRAMED Collection

Think of the Children


Tower of Guns

Rising Dusk

Death Squared


Quest of Dungeons

The Stillness of the Wind

The Gardens Between


Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom


That’s a total of 20 games for only $25, all of which will go to support Australian relief efforts. Specifically, the money will go to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Information service, the World Wildlife Fund, and Australian Red Cross. Donors are able to choose how much of their donation goes to which specific organization, with an equal distribution being the default option. If video games aren’t your thing or you want to help but don’t have $25 on hand, you can also donate to these or plenty of other of organizations directly.

While this is not a sponsored post, I’d also like to direct your attention to Tab for a Cause, a browser extension that’s also currently raising money to fight the Australian Fires. Tab for a Cause loads three non-intrusive ads (never with audio) whenever you open a new tab, and donates the revenue to charity. Users can donate to a number of charities through Tab for a Cause including the Human Rights Watch,, Action Against Hunger, and more.


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  1. […] Humble Bundle company have repeatedly stepped to the plate in times of need to offer immense values to customers for the sake of charity, and they have outdone themselves with […]

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