PlatinumGames Crowdfunds Wonderful 101 Remaster

As part of PlatinumGames’s ongoing effort to bring older titles to modern consoles, they’re seeking to bring their Wii U action-adventure game The Wonderful 101 to the Nintendo Switch. In The Wonderful 101, players control a horde of superheroes who fight a federation of aliens in defense of Earth. As they traverse each level, they can recruit civilians to join their horde, and the horde can join together to transform into objects called “unite morphs” with which to traverse each level. The game sits at a respectable 78 on metacritic and has an 8.6 user score, so it’s unsurprising that PlatinumGames wants to port it over to a more successful console.

Earlier today, they released a kickstarter campaign for the remaster asking for $50,010 USD to bring the game to the Switch. A few hours after posting, they’ve already reached the goal nine times over with over 7,000 backers donating $490,000. This means they’ve also passed their stretch goal of bringing the game to Steam as well, and will likely reach their $500K goal for a PS4 port by tonight. Further stretch goals have yet to be revealed. Backer incentives include a digital release with an estimated delivery of April 2020, a physical release, the game’s soundtrack, a keychain, a digital comic, a t-shirt, stickers, an artbook, a pendant, the soundtrack on vinyl, custom switch controllers, and the privilege of being blocked on twitter by director Hideki Kamiya.

The Kickstarter indicates that the current release is only a few months away, meaning most of the work on the project has already been done. As this is PlatinumGames’s first foray into self-publishing, it seems that the kickstarter isn’t to cover development costs, but publishing. The campaign is running for another month, so if you want any of the backer rewards or just to be included in this project, there’s plenty of time to donate. Stay tuned for any further news here at Sick Critic.

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