Desperados III – How to Find McCoy in Baton Rouge

Desperados III’s Baton Rouge level (Chapter II Level II) is a tough nut to bust without Doctor McCoy, just like some of the later levels in Chapter I. However, it can be even more difficult when you have to find McCoy with little visual indicators to clue you in on where he is. Here’s how to find McCoy in Baton Rouge:




When playing as Hector in the beginning of the level, Cooper and Kate can be found unconscious close by, out in the open. However, Doc McCoy isn’t so easy. He’s actually inside of the bank. Don’t be fooled by the sleeping gunman near the cattle or the ill civilian in the back of Laurie & Butch Stoves & Hardware.


Desperados III Sleeping Guy

Desperados III Ill Guy


You can find McCoy in the bank. It’s easy to spot because it’s currently under construction after a recent robbery. You can only see inside the bank if you have a character close enough to it. McCoy is knocked out in the side room where one gunman keeps a watchful eye and another gunman periodically comes in to mess with the shelves.


Desperados III Baton Rouge McCoy in Bank




As is the case with just about anything in Desperados III, you can approach this situation in many different ways. However, because of the sheer number of foes in and around the small building, you likely won’t be able to make it through without knocking a few heads together.


If you’re not aiming to get the achievement for completing Baton Rouge without using Kate’s disguise, then it certainly comes in handy here. Any gunman on the premises can be distracted with conversation or lured away. However, neither of the ponchos at the bank are men, so Kate’s tricks will have no effect. There’s also a gunwoman for whom the same is true.


Furthermore, Hector or Cooper can be used to push down a large house-shaped wooden structure on one end to crush up to two gunmen without drawing suspicion (up to three if you use Kate to lure another victim in). This will prompt an investigation, but if you wait it out, they will soon go back to their business.


Desperados III Bank Wooden Structure


One other small issue to take into account is the presence of footprints. Gunmen will investigate your footprints. However, you can still avoid being found. If ponchos see your footprints, they will not follow you, as ponchos don’t leave their posts, so you can get away with that as long as you’re hidden after leaving them. Additionally, gunmen and gunwomen won’t follow you up ladders, so if you go up a ladder after leaving footprints, you’ll be safe.


In no time, you’ll be sittin’ back with Doc McCoy on the boat at the docks.

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