The Darkside Detective 2 Now Published By Akupara Games

Akupara Games is adding The Darkside Detective 2 and its predecessor to their library of games according to a press release on Tuesday. Akupara Games is already known for publishing indie games such as Mutazione and Rain World. Through a publishing deal, they now also publish The Darkside Detective, a pixelated, quirky take on horror and mystery. This deal will give The Darkside Detective new opportunities, including ports to new platforms.


The Darkside Detective released in 2017 to some fairly positive critic reviews, but its true value seemed to be found by players. It currently has 94% positive reviews on Steam out of hundreds of reviews total. It’s highly regarded for its humor, but it’s short playthrough time seemed to put some people off. The Darkside Detective 2 will hopefully be able to bring a fuller experience while keeping up with the original game’s personality.



The Darkside Detective 2 met and far exceeded the goal of its Kickstarter campaign back in 2018, raising €42,750. Since then, developer Spooky Doorway has been good about updating its community every month or so on the game’s progress. The June update asserted that just about everything had been completed and that polishing and testing would be their next priorities. Unfortunately, the organizing of this publishing deal will push back the release date for The Darkside Detective 2 to Q1 2021.


Akupara’s role seems to be finding “new opportunities and audiences for both seasons as well as helping us port to new platforms…” They also will help in providing new and better merchandise, administrative support, and QA testing. This “frees us up to focus on development,” according to Spooky Doorway’s Kickstarter update posted on Tuesday. Akupara intends for The Darkside Detective to serve as a key title to assist in their “[shift] towards a catalog of spooky and narrative-focused adventure and horror games…” This statement comes from Akupara CEO David Logan on the direction of Akupara and how The Darkside Detective fits into it.

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