New Esports Fellowship Provides Resources for Esports Programs at Schools

We’ve seen colleges and high schools across the country begin to embrace esports as a major competitive sport along with their traditional programs. Students have received full-ride scholarships, influencers have funded programs, and there are even reality TV shows in the works, and now mSL CAPITA has launched the CAPITA COLab Esports Fellowship. This fellowship will give coaches and educators the opportunity to start and/or expand their esports programs.


MindSpark Learning, the company behind mSL CAPITA, weighed in via CEO Kellie Lauth: “Our mSL CAPITA team developed this one-of-a-kind fellowship during its launch in January and we’re thrilled to bring it to communities across the U.S. with the help of our industry partners.” The COLab Esports Fellowship features a six-month program that can be woven into esports at schools.


From September 2020 through March 2021, fellows can look forward to implementing a two-day launch that consists of two three-hour training clinics on September 23 and 24. After the launch, two-hour training clinics will be held monthly starting on October 21. The fellowship aims to use this program to “bridge the gap” between more traditional sports and esports. After all, funding and planning is always a topic of concern when developing a school sport. Thankfully, after the six-month program is completed, educators who participated will also receive a $500 stipend from mindSpark Learning to put towards program-related projects.


“By promoting a culture of innovation and creativity, our CAPITA COLab Esports Fellowship empowers participants to have an immediate impact on the growth of grassroots esports in their schools and communities,” says Lauth. mSL CAPITA director of Athletic Partnerships Justin Goldman added, “Esports has been a buzzword for 2020 and not many educators or coaches know where to start in developing a program for their organizations… We’ve developed this fellowship to make esports more relevant for schools and more accessible for sports organizations.”


To find out more about the application process, visit


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