About Us

About Us

Here at Sick Critic we aim to provide quality content that covers the scope of the entertainment industry. Our goal is to bring the most up to date News, Reviews, Previews, and Features to our viewers. Honesty and Integrity is at the root of our values, the content produced at Sick Critic will always remain unbiased, unfiltered, and have an objective point of view.

What We Offer

Get Involved

Sick Critic will be offering weekly and monthly contests for our fans, which include but are not limited to..

  • Top 10 Plays of the Week
  • Cosplay
  • Fan Art
  • Writing Contests

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We have a friendly staff that are willing to address your needs.


Meet the Staff

CEO/Co-Founder: Devin Pratt –

CCO/Co-Founder: Jackson Andel –

CFO/Co-Founder: Derrick Pratt

Editor-In-Chief: Brian Akins –


Jackson Andel (Senior Editor)
Maxwell Broggi-Sumner (Associate Editor)
Donogh Moore (Associate Editor)

Staff Writers:

Jonathan Lack
David Fraley
Stephan Phelps
Donogh Moore
Siavash Razi
Ash Winters
Daniel Medina
Maxwell Broggi-Sumner
Robert Webb
Bryant Henly
Jason Lima
Dakota Bayne
Craig Reed
Saurabh Ughade
Samuel Taylor