Samiee Tee

EGX Rezzed 2019 Preview: Jack

Rapid-fire, scraped knees, cicadas chirping.   Jack provides nothing but a drawn image for the first minute of its demo: A cicada perched on a leaf. Suddenly the sound kicks in,…

April 10, 2019, 236

EGX Rezzed 2019 Preview: Mable And The Wood

Oh yeah, EGX Rezzed was last week, wasn’t it?   The UK’s flagship showcasing of several independent titles! So many good titles and that’s what these articles are here for!…

April 8, 2019, 281

UnExplored: Unlocked Edition Review – Old-Fashioned Hurgusburgus

Another roguelike? Oh, go on then.   Truth be told, I’ve been nursing most roguelikes and roguelites recently. Not because I’ve got this massive unique stash of them or anything,…

April 8, 2019, 275

Vaporum Review – System Blower

How is it that Bioshock doesn’t get ripped off mercilessly?   System Shock is one thing, but Bioshock has had the privilege of aging more gracefully, along with having a…

April 8, 2019, 541

Mars: Chaos Menace Review – Demon’s Crystals 2: Even Worse

Man, do I miss seeing sh’m’ups release frequently.   The sh’m’up arcade scene was always worth its weight in gold. Constant endless challenges of precision and brute force, with every…

March 31, 2019, 431

Treasure Stack Review – Thorn of Crowns

Xbox users are getting the bad end of the stick again.   Look at the PS4! They get Tetris Effect, which is supposedly the greatest thing since sliced bread, and with its…

March 13, 2019, 410

Apex Legends Review – Flavor of The Month

Oh, don’t give me that look, you know I’m right.   It’s been a year since Fortnite blew up, two years since PUBG did the same, and three years since I last felt happiness,…

February 27, 2019, 747
A screenshot of Monster Energy Supercross 2, showcasing several riders cruising through a tight turn, with the leader wheelie-ing over the bump.

Monster Energy Supercross 2 Review – Punk Weight

Motorcross is an alien sport to a Brit like me.   Aside from the fact that dirt-bikes are received in England about as well as a referendum about leaving the…

February 13, 2019, 986

AWAY: Journey to The Unexpected Review – 2-D In 3-D, But 1-D

This is where I start drinking heavily.   At the beginning of January, we posted our Indie Game Lookout, showcasing the finest indie games that were surely going to set…

February 13, 2019, 999

Throwback Review: Geometry Wars Series – Dead Lights

Alright, let’s go back to the past real quick.   Cut back to 2005, and the Xbox 360 launches with a fat handful of titles. Most of them were sport…

February 10, 2019, 508

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