Zachary Kauz

Dusk Review — Dusk in the Wind

There’s no better leverage in game development than repurposing timeless mechanics, especially those that have been arbitrarily partitioned to the past. Amidst the cacophony of free-to-play battle royales and loot…

March 22, 2019, 65

Capsule of Curiosities: Jan-Feb 2009 Retrospective

2009 was a high watermark for the industry, packed with high profile exclusives for each system and the rise of numerous IPs that would dominate the coming decade. However, more…

February 16, 2019, 467

HackyZack Review — A Footbag Life

There’s something to be said for the unassuming charm of a slightly obtuse puzzle platformer, where traversal can be slowed to a crawl and each and every move takes consideration.…

February 11, 2019, 464

XIII Throwback Review — Style = Substance

The critique of “style over substance” carries an odd weight in reference to video games. First person shooters specifically can resign themselves to such dour aesthetics that any title that…

February 2, 2019, 515
The elusive Deer Man stands by the burning corpse of J.J. Macfield in a field of flowers, while deers patrol the area.

The Indie GOTY 2018 (Pt. 2)

Welcome back to the Indie GOTY 2018 Roundup, a DIY shelter away from the hollow fists of the AAA game industry that forcibly reign down upon us. A list devised…

January 8, 2019, 919

Rabbids Go Home Co-Op Throwback Review — Steal Until You Keel

Zach: The Wii housed many unofficial trademark franchises, but perhaps the boldest was the Rabbids series. The party animals crashed every platform you could think of for their first installment,…

December 29, 2018, 488

The Sick Critic Throwback Holiday Special — Raw Danger

It’s the holiday season in New Jersey, meaning I’m rained in and traffic’s at a perpetual halt. In times like this, I like to settle down with an ensemble of…

December 22, 2018, 349

The Quiet Man Review — Talk Less, Say Less

It is undeniable that writing is held to a lower standard in gaming than it is in comparable mediums. This is not to say that telling a stirring narrative in…

December 17, 2018, 397

Old School Musical Review — Old Dogs With New Tricks

There’s often an arbitrarily low ceiling placed above rhythm games in terms of ambition. Narrative design is generally obsolete, and visual design often a mere vessel for the immediate satisfaction…

December 1, 2018, 359

Throwback Review — Bionic Commando Review — The Bionic Vapour Boy

… Bionic Commando?   Rarely has a franchise left audiences so persistently unconvinced. You probably reacted to this review as incredulously as players did when Capcom initially unearthed the property…

November 24, 2018, 472

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