IP Survival: Can Games Survive Without the Main Character?
Many IP’s main characters become iconic over the franchise’s many entries. We learn to love them and we become accustomed to seeing them. Eventually, the developers
2018 Holiday Season Games: Which Will Hit and Which Will Miss?
Author's Note: This article was written in late August, prior to the launch of Forsaken and the end of the review embargo for Marvel's Spider-Man. 

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4: All 55 Backpack Locations
Marvel's Spider-Man's version of New York City is filled with collectables and small tasks for you to complete. One of those tasks involves retrieving Peter's old backpacks
The Absolutely Barbaric ESRB Descriptors Pinball Games and Other Mundane Titles Have
Let’s face it, the majority of us live very standard lives. Gaming is an escape from the daily routine, a life that often lacks defined
Throwback Review: Mirror's Edge - Bottomless Pit
We all know that EA is... subversive, when it comes to evolution.


A publisher known for being seemingly suicidal when it comes to new IPs, and dedicated to

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