Immortal: Unchained Review - Double Tap Man
Don't do it, Sam, don't compare this to Dark Souls throughout the entire review. Okay...


Y'know, I think the world, ideas, and the begrudging charm of Warhammer
ADIOS Amigos Review - Semi-Pro: Dangerous
I'll be honest, I don't like these infinitely-expanding space exploration games.


Maybe it's the daunting tasks building up to it, the slow burn that requires you
Throwback Review: Mirror's Edge - Bottomless Pit
We all know that EA is... subversive, when it comes to evolution.


A publisher known for being seemingly suicidal when it comes to new IPs, and dedicated to
Tyler: Model 005 Review - SHiNY 2
Maximum Games released another bad game? Oh, you mean it's Tuesday.


I don't get this. I don't understand this plan of action that the Californian publisher have, which has
Throwback Review -- Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death -- Dredd Rising
The notion of “so bad it’s good” entertainment is often faced with a challenge when brought to video games. Being a much less passive experience than movies
We Happy Few Review: Have You Taken Your Joy?
We Happy Few Review:

Drug addiction runs rampant in the town of Wellington Wells and shows no signs of stopping. However, 3 people want to change
Donut County Review (PS4) - Holey Silly
As I played through Donut County I kept making remarks about just how silly and weird the game is. At the same time, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing at the dialogue, jokes,

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