Throwback Review: Mirror's Edge - Bottomless Pit
We all know that EA is... subversive, when it comes to evolution.


A publisher known for being seemingly suicidal when it comes to new IPs, and dedicated to
Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 Challenges Guide
Fortnite’s Season 5, Week 9 challenges have finally gone live. This week's challenges are finicky and annoying to complete. There are 3 free Battle Pass challenges and 4 premium
Shape of The World Review - Epiphany Fields
Hello. How are you? Your err... hands smell nice?


Excuse the formalities, but I feel like maybe I've been a bit too much of a Negative Nancy lately. Here I am,
Don't Sink Review - Sea of Poop Thieves
Ahoy there, mati-- Ahh, what's the bloody point?


I'm not going to lie, Sea of Thieves drained my enthusiasm for pirates. If Rare's maligned baby was actually what pirates
Planet Alpha Review - We Drift Like Worried Fire
**SPOILER ALERT: Certain storytelling elements and moments are used for interpretation and critique here. If you are interested in Planet Alpha, be wary.**

Xbox Game Pass: September's New Games Revealed
Xbox Game Pass is about to add a heap of new games to the service. The September additions to the Netflix-style service have been unveiled; there are some big triple-A releases

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