10 Games We Would Love to See Make it to the Switch

With the recently announced Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus for the Switch, we thought we would put together a list of third party games we want to see make there way to the Switch.

Reminder: This list is completely opinion based and includes games from last generation, this generation and games that have not yet been released.

1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

If the upcoming third entry in the Tomb Raider reboot series is even called Shadow of the Tomb Raider, it would be a great addition and would definitely help diversify the system. Playing Lara’s final adventure would be an incredible experience on the go, hopefully they get this one done.

2. Persona 5

Atlus has already stated that they do not plan to bring Persona 5 to the Switch, but it would be perfect for the Switch for so many reasons. With its over 100 hours of content, Persona 5 would be great on the go and give a lot of us a chance to actually finish the game, and its unique visual style would translate well over to the Switch’s screen.

3. Resident Evil 7

With Resident Evil Revelations 1 and coming to the Switch, a lot of fans of the series would love to see the latest main entry make its way to the portable system. Capcom and Nintendo would both benefit in a major way, so make it happen.

4. Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix recently revealed that they are testing out a way to bring FFXV to the Switch, this is great news and would cause many of us to buy the game again. The Final Fantasy series belongs on a Nintendo system, and Final Fantasy XV should be no different.

5. The Dark Souls Trilogy 

Dark Souls is a critically acclaimed trilogy with a cult like fan base, and bringing the series to the Switch would help open it up to a new audience. This would give a lot of people who have not had the chance to play the acclaimed franchise (including myself) a reason to.

6. A Way Out

The upcoming action adventure game would be an incredible addition to the Switch’s library, as the game focuses on co-op play, which is one of the Switch’s strong suits. While it may be a bit hard to see in tablet mode, the game would be a great experience to play with other Switch owners anywhere you want.

7. Far Cry 5

The upcoming FPS from Ubisoft, would be a very interesting title to bring to the Switch, and would add another much anticipated FPS to the Switch’s library. Hopefully Ubisoft learns from Bethesda and capitalizes on the Switch by bringing games like Far Cry 5 to the system. Whether or not the system could handle the game is an entirely different subject, but with the recent announcement of Skyrim porting over, Ubisoft should be able to figure out a way to port the game.

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

One of the greatest RPG’s ever made would definitely help out the Switch’s library, and who would not want to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt anywhere you want? You could even ride a horse on the game while riding an actual horse (don’t do that).

9. Kingdom Hearts 3

The upcoming entry in the beloved series would be yet another great addition to the Switch’s library, and has been something asked of Nintendo fans as of late. Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura says a “Nintendo Switch version of Kingdom Hearts 3 or Xbox One versions of the Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 and II.5 ReMix or Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue collections could be possible in the future, but only after existing versions of Kingdom Hearts 3 are complete.” So there is still hope switch owners!

10. Grand Theft Auto V

The latest entry in the Grand Theft Auto series just makes sense for both Rockstar and Nintendo to port over to the Switch, as it would sell more copies than the system itself, and would give everyone a reason to replay it yet another time. Advocating a double dip in games is not our style here, but GTA V is one of those title’s you might as well own on a portable console.