Atari Announces the Ataribox with Images

Atari has just recently revealed the Ataribox with some pictures of the console, but not very many details. Atari has said that it will be a console that plays classic games and modern games, whatever that means. It is unclear if Atari wants it to be more like a NES classic edition that can play modern games, or if they want it to be a more modern console that also plays all of Atari’s classic games. Atari has confused a lot of people (myself included) on what the plan for the Ataribox is, and only time will tell.

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It is unclear as to where the Ataribox will fit in if Atari plans to bring current content to the console. The console race is very competitive and if Atari plans jump into that crowded race with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo the Ataribox will most likely get lost and kicked to the curb. But it seems Atari is focused on classic content just as much as they are on modern content for the console, and if that is the case it kind of leaves the Ataribox in its own category of both modern and classic content. Two versions of the system will be release one in red and black, and another in wood. The Atari box will have four USB ports, an HDMI port, and SD card support; but, not much info on specs or really anything on the system has been released. The Ataribox could be a very intriguing piece of hardware.

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No one really knows what the plans for the Ataribox are, we’re not really sure if Atari knows the plans for the console, but they have everyone’s attention.


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