Disintegration Game, V1 Interactive’s New Game

V1 Interactive, for those that don’t know, is a Seattle-based studio of ex-Bungie devs, along with a mixture of other talented artists and programmers. Marcus Lehto, Studio Head, is also co-founder of V1 Interactive. The studio has been hard at work developing their first ever game and they just dropped a teaser trailer for it a couple days ago. The trailer doesn’t show too much, just a bunch of different views and camera angles of a ship, a ship that could fit very well with the ships you find in the Destiny games. They play some peaceful piano music in the background that eventually gains some harsher synth sounds to it, ending the trailer with the name of the game Disintegration. After showing the game’s official name, they say that there is going to be a full reveal of the game at Gamescom this year on August 19th. The game, according to the Disintegration Game Facebook page, it will be a first-person sci-fi shooter. You can view the teaser trailer for the game here.

A lot of the devs behind this new game, from V1 Interactive, are no strangers to FPS games. Most of them having come from Halo and Destiny backgrounds, this game is sure to have that same type of feel, with the tight gunplay and shooting mechanics that both of the previously mentioned games have always offered. Knowing all that, it’s a pretty sure thing that whatever Disintegration is, it’s sure to have great FPS mechanics at the very least.

V1 Interactive is one of many other developers to join the Private Division game publisher’s list of studios. Other notable studios that Private Division are publishing games for are Obsidian’s The Outer World and Panache Digital Games’ Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. Private Division is Take Two’s third publishing label, behind Rockstar Games and 2K.


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