Dreams Related Jobs Posted by Media Molecule

On the back of the Dreams Creator Early Access launching, Media Molecule (located out of Guildford, England) has opened up ten job positions to the public, the bulk of which directly engage with content creation. For those who are well acquainted with the Dreams engine, the Contractor position on offer promises direct collaboration with the Media Molecule studio on sketching out new ideas and realizing project objectives. In addition, the collaborative energy spurred on by the Dreams community carries over to the Team content creation position, an open invitation to small dev teams to work with Media Molecule on future Dreams projects. Though experience with the Dreams engine is still a requirement, the Team position looks to be more open ended, a less formal means for content creators to expand the Dreams platform.

Dreams is of course sustained by its community, accounted for by the opening of two full-time positions directly focused on improving community features. The Community Content Creator will work on marketing projects, livestreams, and upcoming social events to ensure that the Dreams community continues to thrive. This will entail direct work within the Community Team at Media Molecule alongside close collaboration with the Art/Creative Directors. The Community Features Programmer position will rely on intricate knowledge of C++ programming and the same creative drive underlying the Dreams community, focused on adding your own personality to the Dreamsville.

Other opportunities on offer include a QA Tester position, Localization & Audio Production, a Senior Producer position, a Senior Sound Designer position, Web Designing, and a Senior Visual Designer. We should expect big things from Media Molecule in the future, with the gradual evolution of Dreams merely in its early stage and their expressed interest in expanding the team as a whole. The genius of the Dreams platform rests in its self-sustaining focus on user-generated content and as seen by these job offerings, the community’s impact will remain integral.



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