E3 2018: Battlefield 5

You’ll be able to customize your character’s outfit and weapons, which will be visible during game by both yourself and other players, allowing you to play as your most personalized soldier in series history. You’ll also be breaking through buildings to catch other players off guard, a new mechanic introduced in this game, allowing for more varied gameplay styles. Battlefield V also features several new maps and weapons, hopefully providing a fresh gameplay experience.

Possibly the most exciting reveal of the event was that Battlefield V will not contain loot boxes, or hopefully any other form of microtransaction that gives players an advantage. It seems EA learned from Star Wars Battlefront 2 that players will vote with their wallets and refuse to condone bad business practices.

Their “war stories” campaign mode promises “moments of human heroism” and “real and relatable people”. Despite the main appeal of the series being the multiplayer, their campaigns have never been anything to scoff at, so hopefully they raise the bar even higher than the last few games. More information about one of the campaigns will be revealed tomorrow, so be sure to tune in if you’re a Battlefield fan.

EA and Dice are also joining in the battle royale trend, and Battlefield V will feature a battle royale mode. Our presenters promised an “experience you haven’t played before”, and hopefully they’ll deliver on that, as battle royales are rapidly becoming stale. If it’s successful in its promise, it could help Battlefield V be one of the most successful games of the generation; if not, it’ll just be another obligatory free-for-all in a world too full of them. Don’t let us down, Dice.