Earth Defense Force 5 Launches on Steam

The latest installment of the radically silly sci-fi action-arcade series Earth Defense Force heads over to Steam this month! Earth Defense Force 5 continues the tradition of having a squadron of grounded soldier face off a mob of overly-sized insect-like monsters. Unlike previous entries, players can now assume control of vehicles, similar in concept to Grand Theft Auto. All of the signature elements of Earth Defense Force remain in tact, so fans of the series have little to worry about concerning the integrity of the game design. The player’s weapon arsenal is as bombastic as ever, which makes the sandbox nature of EDF5 all the more enjoyable!

According to the Steam page, PC users will need 30GB of available storage space on their devices. The minimum technical specifications required appear rather welcoming to less powerful computers. For instance, a GTX 760 graphics card or a Radeon HD 7970 card should handle the game just fine, albeit on lower graphical settings. The recommended equipment for EDF involves a GTX 970 with 4GB of dedicated video RAM, or an RX 480 with 8GB of VRAM. In the CPU side of things, you’ll need at the minimum an Intel i5-4440 3.1GHz processor and at the recommended an Intel i7-4770 clocked at 3.4GHz, which is a five year old processor. As for system RAM, 8GB is needed. I believe the vast majority of PC players can run this with no issue, unless you lug around a seven-year old rig with no intention of upgrading.


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